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RollerBones DOD, Day of the Dead Pet Wheels


The pet DOD is just like the original DOD but smaller and with rounded edges for more agility. If you tried the limited edition Rollercon edition, this is it. 

Day of the Dead Wheels - These are the wheels that every other brand is trying to copy, notice we said "trying".  Do yourself a favor, just get the original. Made with the highest quality urethane.

  • 59 x 37mm / 5mm Rounded

Sold in 4-packs. 62x40mm.  (Slightly Narrow)


(If you are combining hardnesses, you may want to write the durometer on the inside of the wheel with a Sharpie when you get them, because the graphics will come off, just like any other wheel. Since they are all white or black, it makes it much harder to tell what durometer they are later).