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Sizing Skates, Plate Pads and more

Please see the advice below these charts to get the most accurate measurement. We don't use print-and-stand charts. Those are adequate for rink rentals, but we have not found them to be accurate enough to help achieve the ideal skate fit that athletes require.

SCS How to properly measure your size skate (PDF)
Crazy Skates 
Riedell Skates jpg file, Low Boot Fitting Guidelines (PDF) Tall Boot Fitting Guidelines 
Sure Grip Skates  Sure Grip boot insoles in inches (PDF)
Boot Fitting Tips
Riedell Heat Molding Instructions (coming soon!)
Crazy Skates Heat Shaping Your DBX Boot Video or PDF Instructions
GRN MNSTR Antik AR-1 Heat Molding PDF (coming soon!)
Nistevo (Atom / Jackson) Aqua Heat Molding Instructional Video


Common Plate Sizes and Measurements jpg file
Plate to Boot Recommendations jpg file
Manufacturer-supplied Frame Model Measurements & Specs:

Arius Plate

Arius nts Plate

Reactor Pro Series

Reactor Neo Plate

Reactor Fuse Nylon Plate

Thrust Nylon Plate

Revenge Aluminum Plate

Avenger Plate

Avanti Plate

Powertrac Plate

Suregrip Axle Distances

Crazy Venus (jpg)


Downloadable PDF Files:

187 Killer Pads
Triple 8 Pads & Helmets
S1 Helmets


Please measure your foot:
1. At the end of the day (feet often swell up to a size and a half!)
2. In socks (whatever type you wear to practice)
3. Standing with your weight on your foot
4. Measure WIDTH by putting a tape measure all the way around the widest part of your foot, where your toes meet.

* HINT:put the ruler on the floor against the wall and then your heel against the wall, too, so you're measuring from the farthest point back on your foot, rather than where your heel touches the ground

General Fitting Advice
Skate sizes are generally equivalent to US Men's shoe sizes, though there are variations (just like there are in shoes)

Skate sizes run about a size and half to two sizes different than US female shoe sizes. But there are variations in the fit of each skate model, and shoe sizes aren't a reliable way to choose. Most people wear their shoes looser than an ideal skate fit. For example, a woman who wears American size 9 Women's shoes will usually choose a skate in the 7-8 range, depending on their feet, how snug they like their fit and what skate model they choose.

Fit is in the eye of the beholder, but most skaters prefer NEW skates to be snug as possible without compressing their toes. Too-tight skates hurt and can injure the small bones in your feet (sometimes permanently) - and too loose skates lead to blisters, callouses and pain. Really well-fitting skates may take time to break in comfortably. But after the break in period, well-fitting skates do NOT give you blisters or callouses. It can be difficult to get a perfect fit off the shelf for some people.

We recommend that you try on teammates' skates if you can't get fitted in person. There is no substitute for trying on skates. But we will do everything we can to help you get an accurate size, so please contact us if you need any help!

SPECSto compare (more on each boots' product page. This information is based on our experience fitting skaters in person, and trying on every skate ourselves (every single employee of Sin City Skates spends their first few weeks trying on all the gear we stock). We collaborated on this info:
Rookie / Recreational (Chinese Manufactured) Skates
Outlaws and Boxers are vinyl & run a bit narrow (B)
R3s & Diablos are the same vinyl boot design and fit, narrow to medium (B/C)
Rogue / Phantom and Vixen are forgiving leather mediums (C)
Rebels are also leather, medium to wide (C/D)
GT-50s are vinyl and just wider than medium (D)
Rock Flames are also vinyl and very wide (E)

Chaya skates run close to an a/B, A/C feet but are heat moldable.
American-Manufactured leather Riedell Boots (can all be customized in Clarino(c) synthetic material)
The 125, 195, 395, 595, 695 and 1065 boots are built "C" width (on the "248" last), though design features may make some of them "feel" wider or narrower. The 1065 boot (before the owner heat-molds the fit) feels the narrowest and runs longer than the Riedell size chart indicates.
395, 811, 911 and 951 boots are made on the "395" last, which features a "D" toebox.
126, 265 and 965 are built on a "split" last, with a "D" toebox and "B" heel (which Riedell has determined is ideal for many women). The 965 (Minx) boot has a rounded toe that has almost universally made people comfortable in a half size smaller than they would in typical lace-to-toe speed boots (like 125 or 265)
All American-made Riedell boots can be custom-made in "D" or "E" width for a customization charge. We can also make you two different sized boots for the single customization charge.
Leather boots can also be *stretched* wider by the factory (usually about 1/2 inch) for an additional $15, or you can take them to a local shoe repair shop (or Sin City) to have them stretched. We recommend you skate in them at least once before you get them stretched so that you can have them stretched in the right places. This process takes a day or more and is usually more successful when done *slowly* so that the leather stretches without stressing sewn or glued seems. Stretching works best on higher end boots, because higher-grade leather is softer and more pliable. It is typically NOT successful on vinyl or cheap (coated) leather, such as that found on most of the recreational skate models, like R3s.

All stock skates are returnable! Please see our return policy for details. But we'd rather get you in the right skates to start with, so please don't hesitate to contact us for help at any time. We'll work with you to get the right fit the first time.