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Genesys Jr. Adjustable Inline


3-6 *adjustable*

Razors Genesys Junior Kids Adjustable Aggressive Skates - Black/White. The most popular kids adjustable aggressive skates on the market. It is adjustable from sizes 3.0-6.0. and does so without compromising sturdiness or performance to handle anything little rippers can dish out. 

Two boot shells are attached to the soul frame platform allowing it to adjust to the front AND back by simply removing the front wheel and front frame mounting bolt. This creates a sturdy connection that ensures the balance remains unchanged. The buckle was updated from previous models and the liners are the same construction as those used in Razors adult skates.  Choose from a flat setup (eight 56mm wheels down) or anti-rocker (four 56mm wheels down with 42mm anti-rockers in the middle positions).  Ground Control UFS mount frames, 6mm axles, and ABEC3 bearings.