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Sin City Skates

Skater owned & operated since 2005

8280 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #126, San Diego, CA 92111     619-232-4200 

Brunny Hardcore P.O. Blocks 3056


The Brunny P.O. Blocks 3056 V1.2 are designed for skaters of all skill levels from beginner to expert shredder to send it (HAHA I LOVE THIS)

Aiming to get you stalling, sliding and grinding with confidence and security. And in style! With beautiful colors to match any shredders setup.

Made with the slickest material out there, you will be sliding with the smoothness of hot butter on a Texas Roadhouse roll! Created with a wide surface area for stability and control, smooth edges for no wheel bite and perfect shape to lock into the coping.