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Better Bearings Flash Lightening Ceramic

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Better Bearings are the highest quality and toughest skate bearings in the market. The brand is an absolute favorite for outdoor skating, for long term use by passionate skaters or as extra sets.

Flash Lightening is a bit of flash combined with super fast and tough performance. These true and tested ABEC 9 bearings give excellent long-lasting performance. All Better Bearings are pre lubed and have replaceable rubber shields.

The high quality bearings are extremely hard wearing and will last a really long time for how rough you will treat them. They have been designed by keeping in mind the fact that the riders won't be really looking after them.

A purchase from Better Bearings helps to support the world’s largest movement for gender equality, ensuring that women and girls are safe from violence and free to have choice and opportunity.

- Full CERAMIC balls, which are harder than steel, allowing them to last longer and perform under harsher weather and surface conditions.
- Balls smooth the race surfaces, helping them to self-heal and wear well.
- High end, the precision shaping of the races and balls, create less friction for an even, less vibrating performance, you can trust.
- Coated stainless steel making them extremely resistant to corrosion and pitting.
- Super tolerant to running dirty and dry
- These are our most designed bearings with 3 years worth of research and testing behind them.
- Packaging is made from recycled / biodegradable material.