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187 Pro DERBY Knee Pads


* TOP selling Derby pad

Real 187 Pro Derby Knee pads, careful of fake imitations

Update your 187 Pro knees, now in new DERBY DESIGN with all the advanced new features!
PLEASE NOTE: the fit is a little smaller than the old 187 Pro. Still larger than many pads. If you wore a SMALL Pro you might wear a MEDIUM Pro Derby.

Here are our Measurements, and what size we wear in the NEW Derby Design:
Above the knee: 15in, Below the knee: 13.5in - XSmall
Above the knee: 15.25in, Below the knee: 13.75in - Small
Dish - Above the knee: 17.50in, Below the knee: 14.50in - Medium
Dish w/Knee Gaskets - Above the knee: 18in, Below the knee: 15.50in - Medium
Bacon - Above the knee: 18.5in, Below the knee: 15.75in - Medium
Above the knee: 18.25, Below the knee: 16.75 - Medium
Above the knee: 18.50, Below the knee: 17.25 - Large

Designed for Roller Derby and tested by US.  We love them!
**Easy to wash; pad turns inside out so you can remove foam and wash them!  Also comes with a wash kit of extra tabs to cover your velcro (keeps it grabby longer and prevents the velcro from tearing up the other things in your laundry basket!)
**Lower profile, less bulky - still the same high level of protection
**Lock-in (tm) Core and Cap system - removable foam for easy washing and interlocking strap system that keeps the foam in and the cap from slipping.  "Bottom to top, flap then straps!"
**Dual Density foam specially formulated to provide cushion and protection for multiple hard impacts.  More contoured foam CUPS your knee for lower profile but still high cushion and safety!
**Rapid FLEX (tm) Hinge allows pad to respond to full range of motion; straighten and bend knees with very little resistance.
**Fusion Groove (tm) Channel maintains foam connection to skater's legs and helps eliminate pad slip.
- lightweight fast drying interior lining
- seemless interior finish for comfort on bare legs
- Ballistic nylon with industrial-weight stitching ensures durability
- Three-panel construction for reliable performance
- Open-back butterfly strap design for excellent fit and quick on/off

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