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Skate Skooties


Skooties are a silicone wheel-lock for roller skates. Think like a skate guard for ice skaters, except these are for roller skaters! They’re perfect for helping you get more stability when you need it most. Patent-pending wheel-lock technology keeps you from rolling when you’re on rough terrain or just need more stability. 

PLease make sure to check size chart here

Skooties were created to provide roller skaters with more stability over a variety of rough terrain. Engineered in durable and flexible silicone, Skooties slip on over two of your skate wheels, locking them in place—giving you stable and secure footing as you commute, walk indoors, or practice tricks.

The patent-pending “X” design is what gives Skooties their unique locking ability. 


  1. Loop the first loop around your front wheel.
  2. Loop the rear loop over your back wheel. It should need a tug! Skooties should be worn snuggly.
  3. Adjust the loops so the anti-slip edge lines up with the inside edges of your wheels.
  4. Repeat on the other skate!


When you’re done, just use the pull tab to lift the Skootie off one wheel and then the other.

  1. Skooties are designed to be used with the pull tabs facing INSIDE your skate plate. There is a little extra silicone, anti-slip edge near the tab to help keep the Skootie from wiggling off the outer edge of your wheel.
  2. ALWAYS check your Skooties before use for any tears or rips. While we’ve tested them on EVERYTHING we can thing of (rocks, glass, sticks…), that doesn’t mean they won’t wear out. A torn Skootie is UNSAFE and should be replaced.
  3. The wearer assumes all risks with using this product. It is a stability device, not a shoe.