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Recommended Rookie/ Fresh Meat Package


This is our most popular package. It costs a bit more up front than some of the less protective pads but believe us when we say you will end up saving money in the long run by not having to upgrade once you realize this is the protection you need. This package includes all you need to start paying derby with quality gear for utmost protection that will last.

R3 or Rebel skate:

These are our most popular rookie skates. Both of these are great starter skates. The R3 tends to fit better for narrow feet, is a nylon boot and has a soft toe. The Rebel tends to fit wider feet best. Is a leather boot and has a lot of padding. At first the Rebel will feel more snug but mold quickly to your foot. Still not sure which skate you'd like? Send us a message and we can help you decide

187 Killer pads: wrist, elbow, knee

When it comes to Roller Derby you don't want to skimp on pads. This set comes with Wrist guards, Fly elbow pads and our favorite Pro Derby knee pads. The knee pads are pricier but absolutely worth it. We fall on our knees constantly and these protect you and last. Comes with cupped padding for great, secure fit and is hinged so not as high profile as the high protection pads. You can read more about pads individual here and please make sure to check measurements for proper sizing. We suggest always going as snug as possible as pads do stretch.

SISU Mouth guard

Us vets remember when we used to wear huge mouthguard and oh how grateful we are to have found SISU. These offer extreme protection without the bulk. Heat molded to fit your teeth and still allow you to drink and talk with mouthguard in place, no more unnecessary penalties for taking your mouth guard out when trying to communicate on the track.

S1 Lifer helmet:

Dual certified derby approved helmet. For sizing please refer to lifer helmets. Package comes with solid colored helmet. please specify upper choice of color in notes. If no color is specified helmet will be black. If you would prefer a 187 or Triple8 helmet instead we can also sub, just ask.