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Skater owned and operated since 2005


8280 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #118 San Diego, CA 92111                                                                 619-232-4200 

Juice Wheels Java Series


Brewed fresh with only the finest urethanes by the wheel world’s top manufacturer located in Southern California.
The Java Series derby wheels from Juice were developed especially for Derby players searching for a more affordable, yet durable, and high performance wheel they can count on over and over during practice, during a bout, or just working out.
Six hardnesses for most surfaces where a hybrid wheel bogs down and the harder wheels slide like crazy, the new Java Series wheels are a must for every Derby player’s skate.

  • Hub: Spoked Nylon
  • Size: 59x38mm
98a  = Yellow
96a  = Pale Yellow 
94a  = Blood Red
92a  = Red
90a  = Blue
88a  = Teal

NOTE: This price is for a set of FOUR (4) wheels, buy 2 for a full set of 8 wheels.  Mix and match for the perfect set-up.