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Crazy Apollo Plates


The Crazy Skates Apollo plate is a design which utilises the very best technologies to create excellence in it's performance. The Apollo is designed and formed of an ultra lightweight rigid fiberglass based resin composite which provides a great looking plate. This ultra stong, Pre-Professional plate features a machined aluminium toe stop insert formed directly and securely into the plate and utilises an allen screw adjustable toe stop and professional delrin pivot pin inserts.

Material: Fiber Nylon
Axle: 8mm
Truck: Aluminium
King Pin: 20 degree, Single Adjustment
Cushion: Rubber
Pivot Cup: Delrin
Toe Stop: Allen Key Adjustable with Arrow Toe Stop.

- Super Strength, Rigid and Lightweight Composite Formula

- 20 Degree, Military Steel Kingpins

- Allen Key Adjustable Toe Stop (US Thread)

- Natural Rubber Cushions

- Aluminium Trucks with Steel Axles and Pivot Pins

- Delrin Pivot Cups

  • Recommended Level of Play: Recreational - Competitive 
  • Sizing Guidelines: 
    • 205mm = 110mm Wheelbase 
    • 225mm = 130mm Wheelbase 
    • 245mm = 150mm Wheelbase
    • 265mm = 170mm Wheelbase 
    • 285mm = 190mm Wheelbase