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Bont Vaypor - Custom Boots


Upon Purchase we will contact you to figure out correct sizing and personalization options.

The semi-custom Vaypor Carbon takes between 3-8 weeks to make depending on the time of year.  June - December is the fastest production time.

  • Carbon composite base
  • Epoxy resin
  • Suede-L liner
  • Hand made 1 piece construction
  • EVA innersole
  • Waxed laces
  • 1.5mm Australian full grain leather or Durolite outer skin
  • TPU front bumper
  • Fully heat moldable

*Matte Carbon Base

This option gives you a matte finish on the carbon so that it looks dry with no shine at all.


The Vaypor is stitched by an expert sewer who has no other role apart from stitching. Unlike most boots on the market that use cosmetic stitching, the stitching on Bont boots actually serves a purpose and stitches the outer skin to the boot itself. This results in less stretch and a longer lasting boot. The Vaypor incorporates a beautifully crafted double stitch into parts of the boot.


Cycling scientists have proven that cooler feet can boost performance. So the new Vaypor has more ventilation than any boot that we have ever made. The tongue is ventilated to let hot air out of the top of the boot. There are also ventilation holes on top of your toes that let cool air in and hot air out.


Durolite is an extremely durable and light weight material. It will withstand minor crashes without scratching. The Vaypor has two Durolite options, Black or Super Yellow. A Durolite liner is also available as an upgrade. The Vaypor is also available in four genuine Australian leather options.

*Light Weight

The Vaypor is an extremely light weight boot. . If you are after the lightest possible boot, select the Durolite outer skin and liner.


 This material has similar strength characteristics to Kevlar. This material is stitched to the outer skin and bonded to the liner so it can never move or be removed, it becomes part of the boots structure. 

*Carbon Fiber

The base of the Vaypor is made by hand by sandwiching cross weave carbon and uni-directional carbon fiber which is embedded with epoxy thermo setting resin. The fibers are hand laid in the matrix according to the strain they will have to bear.


The Vaypor is designed for high class athletes so the stock padding used is a thin, dense padding that is quite unforgiving. The padding is harder than our previous generations of Vaypor and it is also lighter. There are options like the Grandma fit for those that prefer a softer, more cushioned fit. We highly recommend this option

This boot is made to order. Upon purchase we will contact you for correct sizing and personalized options

*Semi Custom

The Vaypor has a number of semi custom options that can be tailored to your feet. They include:

  • Wide or narrow fit.
  • One foot longer than the other (eg. you can order a size 7 right foot and a size 8 left foot).
  • Skinny ankles (we cut the trim where the eyelets are punched back so you have more room to tighten your boots).
  • Add or remove carbon for more or less flex.