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Powerslide Phuzion Argon Ash 110


Powerslide Argon Ash 110 Mens Inline Skates. Updated uppers hug the foot more for added support and they look and feel better. Trinity X mounting allows more adjustability both laterally and front to back. Adjustments can help to turn better, add power at push-off, or correct ankle roll. Fast and smooth 110mm wheels used with short frames (9.6" - removable and adjustable) combines speed and agility. Short frames keep the skater in an aggressive forward-leaning stance that endurance skaters will enjoy. The boots are compatible with any trinity mount frame from Powerslide should you want to change frames and/or wheel configurations later on. Recall fit liners (not removable) start out snug, and break-in naturally to maintain a performance fit.

Trinity mounting stabilizes, adds power at push-off, reduces vibration and lowers the skate height for better control.