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Sin City Skates

Skater owned & operated since 2005

8280 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #126, San Diego, CA 92111     619-232-4200 


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Crazy Skates have teamed up with Dreamworks to bring the newest and most exciting skates to the world. The official “Trolls World Tour” Roller skates are the most exciting thing on wheels you’re ever likely to see. 

With individual Poppy and Queen Barb color options, these size adjustable roller skates are practical without sacrificing the fun. Each skate has multicolor wheels, including 4 LED colored wheels that light up as you skate. Each skate also features a colored Pom Pom and custom decals. Troll faces and real troll hair are on each skate tongue. 

These adjustable skates adjust to fit growing feet through the use of a patented internal size adjustment, that gives you 4 sizes in the 1 skate, making these perfect for growing feet. The size adjustment uses micro (small) adjustments so you can find that perfect fit, it really is as easy as 1...2...3.

4 SIZE ADJUSTABLE | Perfect for growing feet! Simply twist to adjust the skate across 4 different sizes.

LED LIGHT UP WHEELS | 2 Wheels on each of your skates are multicolored LED LIGHT UP. As you skate, your skating generates electricity which powers the flashing fun within your wheels. The faster you skate, the more light they produce. They never need batteries, they never need charging, just skate and enjoy the fun!